Their 11th festival, ten years after it established in 2007, and 2000 Trees reached new heights of greatness…

Credit: Gareth Bull

Skinny Lister in all their glory kicked off our 2000 Trees experience, equipped with their flagon, that they happily shared out amongst the crowd, they were a cheerful, energetic, wonderful way to kick off our weekend and we could not have asked for a better band to do it.

As far as Born Music goes, we can’t say that we’re exactly connoisseurs of the heavier end of the rock and metal spectrum. That said, when we stumbled into the midst of Frank Carter and the Rattlesnakes, we were blown away.

Credit: Dominic Meason

Regardless of the music, you can’t help but be gripped from start to finish with enigmatic front man Frank Carter. From the instance he demanded the pit to close during the first track, as he’d spotted children on their parents shoulders around, screaming “we’re only going to have fun time pits today”, to when he condemned any and all behavior at gigs that would make women feel unsafe alongside demanding that for the next song, only females of the crowd were allowed to crowd surf, to when he found one of those said crowd surfers bum bags that they’d lost, plus later on, someone’s phone, to finally storming into the crowd after noticing a disturbance between some of the members, he’s a real life good Samaritan turned performer; a saint if you will.

One of our favourite parts of this wonderful festival is the Silent Disco, with headphones that spread out over the whole festival site. A whopping four DJ’s, two on both the main stage and The Cave, both pairs battling it out amongst themselves for people to remain on their channel. All festivals should take note, this is how you silently disco. Friday night, however, we took a break to head into the forest to catch our Future Cuts headliners, Orchards, perform a pitch perfect, stunning acoustic set at midnight. Forget midnight snacks, we want more midnight gigs to indulge ourselves in.

Soeur kicked off our Saturday with a bang. Filling the Neu stage at the very early time of 12:30, this three-piece had everyone moving by the end of their set.

Credit: Gareth Bull

Livening things up over on the Main Stage, Milk Teeth’s set, including energetic hits such as ‘Owning Your Okayness’ really went down well with the crowd. You couldn’t walk ten metres for the rest of the day without encountering some form of Milk Teeth merchandise.

Charming their way through their 2000 Trees set, Peaness, from Chester flew through their set of quirky, insanely catchy, yet somewhat delicate indie-pop tracks. Highlights ‘Oh George’ and ‘Seafoam Islands’ had many swaying along in a happy daze.

Spring King started off with a disappointingly small crowd, but give it a track or two and the crowd had tripled in size. Tarek battled through a monstrous rendition of ‘The City’ whilst the ridiculously hot sun beat down upon him.

A ridiculously entertaining band and not just for musical reasons, Get Inuit’s witty quips between tracks – and sometimes mid-track (nods to Barbiturates) – are the perfect ingredient in ensuring that their performances are not ones to forget. Playing hits like All My Friends and Pro-Procrastinator, whilst also playing a new track that we for one can’t wait to hear.

Much to our dismay our favourite Nordic band Sløtface cancelled, so over to The Front Bottoms we went!

Credit: Ben Morse

Taking everyone back through the powers of nostalgia, the band took time from their tour with Blink-182 to board the main stage of 2000 Trees, complete with front man Brian Sella’s 1-year-old, winning the hearts of everyone in the crowd instantly.

Slaves, who have been popping up left, right and centre across festival lineups all over the country, headlined 2000 Trees, bringing with them endless amounts of energy and aggression that was unparalleled by any act previous across the weekend. Even if you’re not a fan of their short, somewhat questionable songs, their stage presence and performance skills are more than worthy of respect.

All in all an excellent weekend, cementing 2000 Trees status as one of the best festivals that the UK has to offer.

Credit: Gareth Bull