After spending the previous two weekends in a sea of mud as far as the eye could see at first Truck Festival and then Y Not, stepping into 110 Above was like a step into festival heaven.

One of the first to put out a reassuring tweet after Y Not cancelled their final day due to the scenes that the weather had caused, 110 Above were determined to face the infamous British weather head on… and win.

Moving their small, cosy festival over to now take over the small farm (and mostly be on hard ground, no mud in sight!) They’re the first to admit that they were nervous over how the 110 regulars would take it. We are pretty sure in our statement that they took it pretty damn well however, with not an unsmiling face in sight, the weekend was full of nothing but joy… even when it rained briefly.

A literal hidden gem to the indie world, 110 Above is as delightful as it is charming, taking the biggest names in the indie world that are still yet to break as full household names and filling their lineup from head to toe with high quality talent, having this festival as your first headline (or co-headline) slot should be nothing short of a badge of honour.

Friday saw the likes of Black Honey and Little Comets share the headline slot, whereas Saturday saw Sundara Karma hold it on their own and then Eliza and the Bear (their flamingo), and Coasts take the job of closing the wonderful weekend.

With the excellent, thoughtful organization of the stages meaning that the acts in ‘The Old Town Hall’ and the ‘Commune Stage’ meaning that there were no clashes (any festival goers dream!) each and every act had a decent crowd, each individual as interested and invested in every act.

High energy, top quality sets were of high frequency throughout the weekend, from the sugary sweetness of Anteros, to the riotous sounds of Get Inuit. Our ‘Mate’’s Airways delivered a truly infectious set, whilst Ardyn truly wow’d everyone with vocals reminiscent of Kate Bush, building things slowly, hooking everyone, before charging into their more upbeat tracks such as ‘Together’.

The Night Café unfortunately could not play, but luckily for us the delicious sounds of Ten Tonnes stepped right in, proving to be the perfect afternoon soundtrack. Inheaven took things up a notch with a fiery, unstoppable set, giving them a platform to express their bundles of excitement for their debut album, due out later this year. Will Joseph Cook well and truly cured any and all hangovers with his smooth vocals and charming innocence.

All in all a fantastic weekend with organisers who are clearly mindful of keeping their customers at heart and that warm, cosy, family feel that they have perfected so well.