If Ratboys can do anything, it’s tell a story in every song they create. The Chicago-duo, led by singer/guitarist Julia Steiner and guitarist Dave Sagan sophomore album ‘GN’ doesn’t show any sign of that trend stopping, nor will we see it anytime soon. The personal nature in each of Ratboys’ bite-size tales give this album a special edge, and some tracks can hit close to home.

Take ‘Elvis’ for example, a story told in the video of a cat called Elvis shut in a freezer. Quite the bizarre tale, and quite a morbid one, that is somehow uplifted by the adorable melodies and sombre vocals. Each song tells a story in a world of its own, something that can be very hard to come by, and even harder to pull off. Alas, Ratboys hit it out of the park with each track.

The entire album stays at a delightfully chill level, despite the harrowing lyrics at times. The most chill of all (refraining from saying it’s the track “Crying” which tells the survival story of Antarctic explorer Douglas Mawson from a first-person perspective) is ‘GM’ which hits the personal level that Ratboys strives for, as they recap their tour adventures.

For a pleasant listening experience, you need not look any further than ‘GN’ from Ratboys. It’s a wholehearted joy to listen to, and trying to dig through the stories it tells is a delight in itself.

‘GN’ will be released June 30 via Topshelf Records.