Fresh from the release of their debut album ‘Illiterate Synth Pop’, we caught Prinze George and spoke all things music video with them, here are their absolute favourites and it’s safe to say… they have good taste, as well as their own musical talent.

Flying Lotus – Never Catch Me Feat. Kendrick Lamar
This video is equal parts stunning and devastating. It’s both so dark and so light; it kicks you in the gut and lifts you up at the same time.

Family Band – Moonbeams
This is one of Kenny and mine’s favourite music videos and songs of all time, it’s beautifully shot and hits very close to home for us.

Arcade Fire – The Suburbs
Spike Jonze killed it. This video feels like a movie and plays with the boundary of real and surreal in a way that mirrors what it feels like to be a kid and become an adult in the world. 

Beyoncé – Hello (I am… Yours) – Performance at the Wyn
Isabelle loves this show, because of the musicality and intimacy. Also, because as a female musician, there’s nothing more badass/inspiring than seeing an all-female band / orchestra that absolutely slays. 

OK GO – This Too Shall Pass 
Ok Go makes the most mesmerising music videos that create a unique experience within each song. Each video takes you on a different adventure and showcases their fun side. Their colour branding is very strong, and this video is a favourite, because of the Rube Goldberg machine. (IZ)

You can listen to their debut album below on Spotify or Soundcloud (and if you know what’s good for you, you’ll totally do that right now!)