It’s been 20 years since we first saw the lads from Trainspotting. My how things have changed. Luckily the four main characters, including Ewan McGregor are still alive. So, a sequel was bound to be in the pipeline. And now it’s finally here, T2 Trainspotting. With it, the “choose life” monologue has had a modern update, featuring all our favourites.  Zero-hour contracts, two-hour long commutes and stalking ex’s on social media. But forget all that, we get a new soundtrack too, courtesy of serial good soundtrack director Danny Boyle, with the perfect balance of fresh new music and reworked classics.


Wolf Alice – Silk

Featured in the T2 Trainspotting trailer back in November, Wolf Alice are the first new artist to appear on this new soundtrack. From their 2015 debut album, My Love Is Cool, ‘Silk’ brings an ominous, sombre sense to the film.


Fat White Family – Whitest Boy on the Beach

Of course there’d be a song about the whitest boy in a film based in Scotland. Fat White Family provide another thing apart from the obvious, which is the sense of depravity you feel throughout Trainspotting, and will likely transfer to sequel.


Young Fathers – GET UP

This is the first of three Young Fathers’ tracks to feature on the soundtrack. Very high praise for a new band on such an iconic film. Not only are the experimental hip-hop group from Edinburgh, the city where T2 Trainspotting is set, but they have the backing of Irvine Welsh, the writer of Trainspotting. He also wrote the sequel, Porno, which T2 is loosely based on. ‘GET UP’ comes from Young Fathers’ 2015 album, White Men Can Be Black Too.


Iggy Pop – Lust for Life (Prodigy Remix)

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Forever known as a classic rock tune, Iggy Pop’s collaboration with David Bowie opened the 1996 film. This time around, The Prodigy are taking over to remix ‘Lust For Life’ for the new iteration. A clip uploaded to the band’s instagram gives us a taste of what will become of the song.


Underworld – Born Slippy (Slow Slippy)

The most iconic song in movie history, probably. ‘Born Slippy’ featured in the original, and the song is being reworked by Underworld. “On the first film, the heartbeat, the river run, was Underworld’s DUBNOBASSWITHMYHEADMAN, and then the needle-drop of BORN SLIPPY—but what a needle drop!  And on T2 it was Rick Smith from Underworld agreeing to score the film and to help Jon Harris and I with the whole soundtrack—original score and needle-drops.” Said Danny Boyle of Underworld’s return. It would’ve been impossible not to feature Underworld in T2 Trainspotting, and their ‘Slow Slippy’ reworking will give it a modern remaster.

With the host of artists who featured on Trainspotting in 1996 including, Bowie, Primal Scream and Lou Reed, it will be difficult to top such a line-up. But with 20 years between the two films, there needed to be something fresh in the mix, so time will tell if the T2 Trainspotting soundtrack can live up to the status of its predecessor.

The film and soundtrack are out on January 27 2017 and worldwide from February 10.