Sound City festival is going back to its roots in 2018 with a vibrant celebration of multicultural music and arts. Check out 10 acts to see this year…

Annual music festival Sound City will be making its widely anticipated return to heart of Liverpool in the historic Baltic triangle, starting the UK’s 2018 festival season on Saturday 5th and Sunday 6th May. The festival is known for embracing the spirit of the underground and boosting the reputation and coverage of the next wave of talent. Alongside showcasing the best newcomers the world has to offer, expect to see some of the biggest bands and performers set across the many intimate venues and buzzing hot spots of the Baltic Triangle.

If that isn’t already enough, the new wave of grime and urban stars hitting the charts means Sound City will introduce them this year to make it the first time they are featured, mixing it with a wide array of soundscapes and genres including electronica, indie, psych, rock, pop and much more.

Reverting to the quintessential nature of Sound City, it will offer a wealth of shows spread across the renascent Baltic Triangle. During the festival, you’ll find events being hosted in Great Baltic Warehouse, Constellations, Camp and Furnace, Baltic Market, Hangar 34, District, Unit 51, Baltic Social, Red Door Vintage, The Tank Room, 24 Kitchen Street, Northern Lights, Hinterland,Craft Minded, Black Lodge Brewery and Tap And Still.

To get you ready for what will certainly be one of the best festivals of the year, here are 10 acts to check out at Sound City this year:


Queen Zee

First there was Ziggy Stardust & The Spiders From Mars, then Omega & The Mechanical Animals and now there’s Queen Zee & The Sasstones. What do they all have in common? Gender defying, androgynous leaders with a hint of hairy rock and roll. Bowie defied fashion and sexuality, Manson defied cisgender notions and now Zee, leading what is perhaps the most socially relevant punk band to date, is defying the very nature of the word ‘frontman’. It should be noted the band has recently changed its name to Queen Zee.


Art School Girlfriend

With a name as romantic and enticing as Art School Girlfriend, expectations are high, but this girl does not disappoint. Creating music that contradicts its initially tranquil exterior and visuals that deform the fabric of time, she’s one you don’t want to miss.


Brooke Bentham

Newcastle born Brooke Bentham creates warm-hearted, folky music picked straight from her palette of honest emotion. After being picked up by Burberry for Burberry Acoustic, she’s been making waves with her refined musicianship, energising synthscapes and surreal atmospheres.



The enigmatic boys from Liverpool make up one of the most interesting, soulful bands bursting on to the scene and with vocals that soar higher than Apollo 11, expect power, fury and serious rock and roll.



The mighty London duo have been cranking out hit after hit over the course of the past year and a half and continue on their upwards trajectory with their toe tapping, summery tracks such as ‘Drink Too Much’. Be sure to learn their lyrics as you don’t want to be the only one not singing along.



We anticipate this banger will be played at Sound City: the neo-soul, funky chords and notes which serve as the introduction come to together to provide a nostalgic, melodic energy far removed from soul. An enthralling mix that strikes you in the core, minimalistic bass playing with tonnes of ‘feel’ and those gorgeous sustained notes give the song a refreshing backdrop for the equally gorgeous vocals. ‘Love in a Different Way’ was built on simplicity and it works like a dream.


Dama Scout

The jovial bass playing, dissonant guitars and vocals provide a grungy contrast to create a beautiful juxtaposition. Hard hitting pockets of distortion all add to the ever contrasting effect of the fascinating indie outfit that is Dama Scout.


Low Island

Oxford experimental electronic four piece Low Island combine subtle sounds and subdued indie songwriting to create undulating backdrops to their stunning productions. Low Island are a band going from strength to strength with both of their EP’s approaching 2 million streams on Spotify and playing to a sold out BBC Introducing stage at Reading.


Hey Charlie

Forming in June 2016, this all female grunge pop trio are each from different parts of Europe and interestingly decided on their band name because everyone seems to know someone named Charlie. After going on tour with All Time Low, the group are prepped and ready to deliver face melting performances at Sound City.


The Orielles

Finally, we have The Orielles who are gearing up for the release of their highly anticipated debut on psychedelia institute Heavenly Recordings this February. This erratic outfit evidently know how to keep things interesting; expect them to wow crowds with potential teasers from their new record.