The mysterious solo artist unveils her debut track via Killing Moon…

“The main idea behind ‘I Won’t Leave Your Bed Tonight’ is hanging out with someone you only know at night once they’ve had a few drinks,” explains dream-pop singer-songwriter ZoZo of her brand new debut single. “I don’t drink, and after a few weeks I realised I didn’t know the guy very well at all. I woke up early one morning and wanted to leave but I didn’t leave his bed until his mind was a little clearer, as I knew I wasn’t going to see him ever again.”

Clearly possessing a penchant for the sentimental, the all-around artist has a keen eye for spotting the romance in the everyday. “I’ve always been fascinated by people and what we all do to get by. I remember riding my bike [as a child] pretending to be a bus driver around the woods!” The nature surrounding her childhood home was a constant source of inspiration for ZoZo, who has been writing and telling stories since she was young. “I grew up in the countryside of Catalunya, Spain and would walk in the woods and sing to myself. I was initially inspired by nature I guess, as I spent a long time creating my own little world alone in the fields recreating real life events.”

Born into a creative household she is familiar with the struggles that come with being an artist, but the support of her ceramist mother and knitwear designer father has seen her pursue her own endeavours regardless, marrying her music with photography and video to develop a whole world that she is only now beginning to unveil. “My Dad played the piano and I danced around the kitchen for many years,” ZoZo says. “I’d done acting as a teen and have always been fascinated by being on a stage but never knew I’d end up doing music until I bought a guitar the day I finished school. Once I started playing a few chords and humming along to songs, I was suddenly so fulfilled and started writing my own.”

With a new passion lit, ZoZo uprooted herself from the Spanish countryside and made a brave move to Brighton to study music before heading to London itself to dive headfirst into the music industry. “I spent two years there playing at almost every single venue [in Brighton]! I was gigging a lot and started getting gigs and showcases in London so I decided to move here. I adore London,” she confesses. “I feel so at home here and I’ve met so many inspiring people. I love the buzz and feel like it’s the best place for me to be doing music right now. The other reason I moved to London was to continue my studies – I’ve got a BA from the Institute of Contemporary Music Performance in songwriting and now I’m studying an MA in songwriting and production at Tileyard Education.”

Despite growing up on “bad Spanish pop and classical music” yet adoring artists like AURORA, Brian Eno, Christine and the Queens and Shura, ZoZo’s sound has developed into something altogether more captivating. Her aforementioned debut single ‘I Won’t Leave Your Bed Tonight’ evokes an atmosphere more mystical, with moody yet charming vocals and ethereal electronic arrangements, whilst her lyrics capture moments existing between the mundane and the extraordinary, real or imagined.

Yet next her sights are set on – you’ve guessed it – more gigs! “I’m playing at the Old Blue Last on the 7th November, and I’m always working on new music,” ZoZo is also preparing to release the music video for ‘I Won’t Leave Your Bed Tonight’ in the coming weeks. “I want to perform more so there will be more shows in the new year and hopefully some festivals next year too!”

Listen to ‘I Won’t Leave Your Bed Tonight’ now.