What are the thoughts you’re going to be telling to your pillow? Oh I know! How amazing is Y.A.S’ new single?Correct!

Best way to describe the pure charm of Y.A.S is her way of delicately playing light vocals on top of heavy beats. With over a million streams on Spotify, it’s no surprise that this songstress is going to be part of the stars anytime soon. Flying the Ariana Grande vibes around the room, Y.A.S’ vocals on new single “Pillow Thoughts” are clear. Some of us tell our pillow everything but this is one secret we can’t hide. Refreshing and vibrant, the new track has the power to make anybody relate to it’s honesty. 

Balancing the insecurities along with the infectious R&B groove, this is a track that you won’t be ignoring in the club. Along with it’s sleazy approach, the production invites us into the vulnerability but confident track. Here’s what Y.A.S had to say on the track…

“Pillow Thoughts is the first song that I’ve released that’s about relationships. This song is about the aftermath of sleeping with someone for the first time. It stems from feelings of insecurity. Written from my perspective, awake, whilst the guy is asleep on the other side of the bed, our backs to each other, with space between us. The space between us being the opposite of the closeness the night before, which makes me overwhelmed of thoughts of what he is thinking. 

I thought in retrospect it was a really interesting subject to write about, because I had created an idea in my head that was not the reality. My insecurities made me doubt the relationship would go any further. It had me convinced I was picking up vibes that were not even there.”

Stream the track exclusively below, a day ahead of it’s release.