American three-piece, Weslynn, have released their first single of the year, ‘Stop The World,’ and it’s an anthem.

Forming in 2013, the band have come a long way from gigging in Phoenix coffee shops. They have noticeably grown and evolved since their first single ‘What Went Wrong’ in 2015, however they have retained their uplifting, feel-good vibe they do so well and are loved for by fans.

Drawing heavy inspiration from classic rock bands, with a sulty, modern pop twist, Weslynn‘s new balladical masterpiece could easily be the lovechild of Coldplay and The Killers. ‘Stop the World’ echoes late 80’s early 90’s vibe with its delay guitar and driving bass and drum rhythm, leaving just enough room for the signature smooth vocals of Jared Geyer to float over the track with anthemic force.

The American trio are expected to release a string of singles in 2018 along with a heavy focus on videos for covers, official music videos, and live acoustic versions.

“This song is not just a love song between two people, it’s a melody for the years to come for our generation. With all of the violence and hatred going on in the world, this song is a cry to stop and focus on the current moment in our lives with people we love. I believe that even showing one person you love them can have a huge butterfly effect in the future.” – Jared Geyer, Lead Singer / Songwriter

“‘Stop The World’ is a perfect depiction of how much we have grown as a band & as musicians. The imagery of the song paints a very vivid picture as the song unfolds, and I am extremely proud with how it turned out. Painting those pictures with our words & music has always been a major motivation to us, and I feel like we are doing a good job of continuing to develop that into our songs that we are writing for future releases.” – Greg Olin, Guitarist

Location: Phoenix, Arizona

FFO: Wanderer, Luxxe

Label: Unsigned