The Tennessee native debuts his latest slice of alt-rock…

Nashville has a long and lauded history of producing music that resonates with its listeners, be that country, rock or pop, but even amidst the swathe of artists birthed from America’s most musical city, Trenton stands out.

The Tennessee native – aka. Ryan Courtney – has grown a reputation for himself with his moody brand of pop infused rock. Following on from last year’s EP Promised Land and this year’s singles, the spritely ‘Jigsaw Glow’ and the more sombre toned ‘Not Alone’, Courtney’s latest single ‘Burnout’ strikes a sweet balance between the two. Throbbing bass and pounding drums underpin the track, offset with soft percussion and falsetto harmonies and smooth vocals.

“This song was a different process for me,” shares Courtney of the track. “It was written with a friend who really helped me get out of my usual creative headspace. I can easily write introspective ballads all day; it’s where my heart defaults.

“This song feels more like characters in an adventurous film than it does a personal memoir, and I love that. The energy of the music has a kind of joyful recklessness that reminds me of my younger self.”

‘Burnout’ is released this Friday 12th October.