From recording in a makeshift studio to supporting Ed Sheeran at Wembley, Tommy Ashby’s music always remains the same; truly personal.

With Tommy Ashby set to perform to a crowd of thousands tonight at Wembley Stadium as part of Ed Sheeran’s support act, Jamie Lawson, it’s almost poetic that he’ll be releasing his beautiful new single ‘Bowlegged’ the next day; the contrast of the giant stadium performance and the acoustic indie track is one that seems to epitomise Tommy’s musical career. Even from supporting the likes of Nina Nesbitt, and working with Sam Okell, Ashby’s music always remains the same; truly personal.

Starting out from humble beginnings, raised in and around the Scottish pub singaround culture and playing guitar in his father’s band Blue to the Bone, it perhaps comes as no surprise that his music is natural, naked and wholly immersive, blending a rich palette of influence from American blues and country to Scottish folk.

With a new EP in the pipeline, Ashby has been hard at work with Grammy award-winner Sam Okell in his home studio on Cornwall’s North Coast; an area famed for it’s natural beauty and wild salt-sprayed cliffs, and perhaps the perfect visual accompaniment to the Scottish artist’s mellow acoustics and beautifully personal songwriting.

We only had four days to get all the tracks down between touring so it was a pretty intense session.” explains Ashby. “Most of the tracks were partly formed then all the additional instruments were played by Sam and myself. The sound is really close to what I had envisaged and I feel a real personal connection with it.”

‘Bowlegged’ is the first single from the EP, showcasing his classic musical sensibilities and personal songwriting style that have come to be his trademark. You can even hear the hail pelting down on the roof of the makeshift studio in the lead vocal take, and it’s these intricacies that really bring Ashby’s work to life.

“I also think the sound of the EP is a reflection of our drive down the north coast of Cornwall each morning, weaving through the bays and inlets. It’s a completely different landscape to the one I grew up in on the Scottish borders but it’s just as wild, with cliffs and sea and spray. Until a few years ago I had never been to Cornwall but now it just keeps pulling me back.”

If you’re looking for a track that’s intimate, raw and truly beautiful, then grab yourself a cuppa and immerse yourself in this latest effort from Tommy Ashby.