He can play every string instrument ever (no, really), one of his first gigs was at the world renowned Sydney Opera House and now we’re here…

It’s not every day that we speak to an act who describes their sounds as ‘nutella pizza’, maybe that’s why we’re so excited to exclusively share new track, ‘What Are We Waiting For’ from Australian wonders, Timi Temple.

 “It’s like a weird combo that you’ve probably never tried but when you take a bite… it’s such bliss” they laugh, explaining the aforementioned Nutella comment, going on to describe it more as “psychedelic electronic… psytronic rock.”

 Despite it out-loud sounding a bit like Tinie Tempah, Timi Temple has no correlation. Timi is his name and, with a Buddhist mum, the ‘temple’ part comes from the fact that he’d always have the best musical ideas whilst supposed to be meditating in the temple… pretty cool, right?

New track ‘What Are We Waiting For’ is inspired “by a moment in my life where I had some super crippling anxiety and my only reprieve from it was to write music,” Timi explains. This track was also the first to arise from the Time Temple project, “it’s now taken the form of an anthem or tribute to friends and peers of mine struggling with anxiety. Kind of like a call to action for them to face their fears with the support and love from friends and family” he explains.

“Anxiety is such a prevalent issue in our industry and it’s often frowned upon or looked over. People think music is all partying and good times… but nothing is harder than coming home from a tour and being all alone or finishing a massive gig and returning to a quiet hotel room and letting your mind rum rampant…” 

Fresh from playing at Splendour in the Grass festival, one of the biggest festivals over in Australia, with a close friend Kilter. Timi is ready for you all to indulge in Timi Temple, with a festival coming up in Bali called Bestival, too, things are looking pretty darn exciting, too.

With a pure love for writing, gigging and basically all things music, there will hopefully be a whole bunch more of tunes to come from Timi, “I’m going to buy a 12 string guitar and musck around with that so it could very well influence what comes out next… or a moog bass synth, who knows,” he laughs.

Listen to ‘What Are We Waiting For’ above and keep your eyes and ears open for more Timi Temple material.