The tasty meal in the form of his new release ‘2PM For Breakfast,’ is a catchy lil bop.

These tunes might remind you of the smooth synth Tame Impala with the sharp, dry and brassy statements akin to Courtney Barnett. In a rising counter-culture to that of a society that holds capitalist notions of productivity to heart, Timi Temple stands alongside Mac DeMarco and Barnett in his philosophies, criticising the hustle and the mundaneness of routine.

Biting down on the struggles of the 9-5 grind that so many of us actually can’t stand, Timi outwardly rejects the concept of the hustle in favour of 2pm breakfasts and ‘doing what you love – living a creative lifestyle’ rather than the perceived norm. Which for the Sydney local, who eludes a blend of psychedelic rock, electric and snappy beats, is fitting.

The music compliments this songs philosophies perfectly; a unique talent that Timi manages to rustle up with everyone of his tracks.  This talent not only wrote the songs, but also mixed, produced and mastered each one, creating a whole selection of wholly thought-out, well constructed tracks. ‘2PM for Breakfast’ is the ideal single to lead his forthcoming EP titled ‘Phuzz Boy’, set to be released this November.

If Dolly Parton hours aren’t for you, we have the perfect tasty bite to wet you appetite for the ever-growing counter-culture to capitalism.