Lofi’d heavy rock elements scream out within The Moonjacks’ latest single “Bummer”

Rock and Roll trio from California, The Moonjacks, are set to rock your world with their lo-fi approach to indie rock. Think The Pixies meets Idles. There’s grit in the latest track “Bummer” that will make you excited for their upcoming EP, also entitled Bummer, out June 9th. 

“Bummer was written during a time when we were all facing hardships and going through the motions. Trying to cope with things like depression, homelessness and being separated from family. Like the rest of the EP it was recorded in a matter of days while i was still familiarizing myself with the gear. We holed up in our bedroom with 2 microphones, a cheap interface and a lot of wax and just went at it nonstop. It was mixed and mastered later by our friend Jerry Leal.

The idea for the song itself came when i was at a house party downtown, i had just broken up with my long time girlfriend and i got super f****d up. At some point in the night I ended up in my usual spot sitting outside alone reflecting on memories we shared and all the mistakes i made during our relationship. I was madly in love with that girl and we practically grew up together so i was taking it pretty hard. Simply put, the song is basically about being FUBAR outside a function and trying to resist the urge to drunk dial that girl you can’t seem to shake. I think we’ve all been there before.” ~ Gabriel Ureno of The Moonjacks.

Recorded in a bedroom over two weeks with just using 2 microphones and an old interface. It just goes to show that you don’t need all the money in the world to create an adventure packed single. As an arrangement, it’s filled with vibes that will leave you longing for the summer time. Hanging with your friends listening to some great music, sounds good doesn’t it? An exceptional single from what sounds to be an incredible EP.