Describing themselves as “a beautiful mess”, we are incredibly happy to introduce you to Manchester’s The Covasettes as we premiere their debut single ‘This Feeling’.

Indie pop with clear elements and of rock and maybe even something heavier, The Covasettes have arrived in a pretty darn great way.

As they so charmingly put it, ‘This Feeling’ is “an absolute banger” and “ultimately just a heartfelt cheesy love song that (they) hope everyone can get behind,” it’s the track that they always most look forward to playing live so it was one of the more obvious choices when choosing a debut. Full of energy, with plenty of powerful, melodic riffs and infectious vocal hooks… it’s one hell of an entrance.

They make it clear that they’re not taking inspiration from any few specific bands, “we take inspiration from every corner of music” they tell us, “we get lots of random comparisons so we’ll let the people decide who we’ve ripped off,” they laugh.

The Covasettes personal achievements: Longest yeah boi ever: 54.7 seconds (Chris), Fastest cigarette rolled: 14.3 seconds (Jamie), Buckley has size 13 feet, Matt loves a sodoku and is pretty much blind.

A band full of ‘top-notch banter’ as well as the ability to produce a good banger, when asked what – aside from the release of ‘This Feeling’ they’re excited for they’re quick to tell us about their cova-sleepovers: “every few weeks we all have a slumber party whilst eating popcorn and watching films in our PJs. It’s a big deal.”

At the minute, they’re taking things one track at a time and seeing where they end up “we’re ready for anything that comes, we’d love to one day get an album out there, so who knows” they tell us.

“We’re dead simple. As long as we’re enjoying our music and people are enjoying listening to it, we’re happy! Ultimately though, we want platinum albums in each bathroom in our house.” 

They’re here. They’re loud, excitable and definitely up to have some fun. If you have any sense you’ll join them… we most definitely are.

Listen to their debut single ‘This Feeling’ exclusively above.