We’ve got an almighty treat for ya today; an exclusive first listen to The Bad Habits’ new track ‘Obsessed’ (listen below), which we are certain that you’ll be… obsessed with in no time at all (we’re sorry). We spoke with Paddy about how he, Crilly, Adam, and Jonesy all came to be The Bad Habits and what’s next for the Liverpool lads.

“We are just four normal lads from Liverpool really… I personally got into music through my Dad’s mad music taste, which ranges from Iron Maiden to Neil Diamond” Paddy laughs, “so he’s probably to blame for my musical antics and weird eclectic taste” he adds. Such a diverse musical upbringing definitely goes some way to explaining the variation of genre hints that are present throughout the band’s music. “I like to call it ‘Scruffy Pop Rock’, it’s technically Pop Alt Rock music with a rough edge and catchy melodies” Paddy explains.

When asked for some specific inspirations for their music, all four members of the band reveal that they’re big admirers of Catfish and the Bottlemen. “I think not only because of their music but also their work ethic, they slogged their asses off for about 7 years before they got signed” Paddy explains, recalling a time when he saw them play to a crowd of about 40 people in Liverpool. “In terms of other inspirations, Adam is a massive Killers fan and you can probably hear that in his guitar playing. Another band that’s caught our eye recently is local Liverpool band ‘Clean Cut Kid’. They’ve definitely had an influence on the pop side of our music.” Paddy extends.

The ever-growing Liverpudlian music scene is something the band are quick to praise: “There are really good bands and artists appearing on the scene out of nowhere all the time in Liverpool, it’s class, it keeps us on our toes too” says Paddy. “Since touring ourselves, we’ve noticed that there is only so much you can do in Liverpool and that you’ve got to go and explore and spread your wings to take your music that step further, it’s always good going to a different city and witnessing new people enjoying our music.”

With a few Scottish dates coming up, it seems they’ll be witnessing a whole load of new people enjoying their music, very soon. “We’ve heard the Scots are a rowdy bunch, we can’t wait, it’s going to be sweaty and loud,” Paddy claims excitedly. “Really looking forward to sharing the stage with our good mates ‘The Jackobins’” he adds fondly, giving his fellow Liverpudlian band a nod.

It’s not only the Scots who have the pleasure of The Bad Habits gracing their doors either, as the lads have started racking up festival appearances, starting with Sheffield’s Tramlines Festival and Leeds’ Kazoopa Festival, they’ve assured us that there are more under wraps coming very soon, too.

Speaking about their highly infectious, new track ‘Obsessed’, Paddy tells us how it’s “one of them songs that came out of nowhere really”, explaining that most of The Bad Habits’ material forms naturally from the guys just messing around in their practice room, which just so happens to be Adam’s basement. “I actually remember writing the lyrics for ‘Obsessed’ on the back of a beer mat in the bar I work in half way through one of my shifts,” says Paddy. “The idea popped into my head lyrically, so I had to get it down as soon as possible just in case I forgot the lyrics when I got home” something we’re sure is relatable to many musicians.

So, it’s clear that everything The Bad Habits is full steam ahead at the moment and after this release and their upcoming tour dates, they’re heading back in the studio in early July to record the next single. Expect to hear much more of these lads, very soon.