Got a special one for you today, the premiere of the very first release from one part British, three parts French The B.A.R.N. Listen to ‘Ma Rachel’

They met whilst all working at the same ad agency in Paris and the rest as they say, is history. Their residential situation is currently split between Rotterdam and Paris, however this first track was recorded in London with the wonderful B.B. Banks.

This debut, ‘Ma Rachel’ was the only track when they went into the studio that actually brought them a bit of difficulty: “We faffed around with it for ages until the producer (who was probably starting to get pissed off) suggested we try a pedal he had with a far-out echo effect. That’s what inspired Romain (guitarist) to come up with the psychedelic solo you hear on the track,” singer-composer Anthony Banks explains.

Adding that “It’s a bit of an untypical song for us because it’s a ‘song about a girl’. But it’s also about nostalgia, about trying to capture the essence of a life-changing moment. In that sense it’s got a bit of a Sweet Jane thing about it, especially with the repeated chorus.” Listen to the track below.