Counting down the “Days” until Tanjier’s latest release arrives? Look no further and check it out exclusively below!

Indie pop band Tanjier are based in Ireland. With previous releases seeing the band explore their emotions on toxic people, “Days” is a warm difference. Generating over 300k streams on Spotify, the trio have been called Spin 1038s “One to Watch” and we’re really not surprised. Think the songwriting of The 1975 mixed with Coldplay’s newer production sound. Tanjier draw influences from electro pop as well as indie, and this identifying sound can only be described as extraordinary. 

“Two years ago, my girlfriend moved to Abu Dhabi, while I decided to stay in Ireland to forge a career in music. The verse lyrics describe the magical moments of being together after so much time apart, whilst the chorus explores the inevitable painful goodbyes. I seriously question my reasons for staying in Ireland on every plane home. It’s probably the loneliest I’ve ever felt in my life – the first couple of hours after the first goodbye. The formidable task of counting of days begins all over again!”

Creating imagery of loneliness but comforting it with an original sound, Tanjier’s music is relatable. I’m sure we’ve all been in some sort of dilemma like the one above. It’s fantastic that Tommy took the long distance relationship story and made it for the whole world to be apart of it. Somewhat isolated but now next to each other, the track brings together the fans and the band. Wonderful single from a band that will one day be top of the charts.