The pop wizard channels a retro sound in his funky new single…

Bret Autrey – the man behind the moniker of Sunset Neon – is clearly cut from an older cloth. The latest project by the multi-genre artist and producer dips unabashedly into nostalgia and 80s excess, with bouncy basslines, lush intergalactic synths and funky grooves.

“When I first started putting this track together, I intended on keeping the production really barebones and simple,” says Bret. “I had the entire song done in a stripped-down style, but started getting the itch to see what it sounded like with more glitchy collage elements.  In no time at all, it turned into a neon funk onslaught of programming.  Like it was a beacon of 80’s over-the-top excess by way of warped audio pastiche.”

Combined with colourful, retro visuals, Autrey’s brand new single ‘Everything’ is a microcosm from a bygone era. Hit play to be transported in its time machine. “‘Everything’ is the sound of a thousand VHS tapes of commercials and Beyond the Mind’s Eye animation videos being played all at once and cycling rapidly through everything gated to a beat up drum machine.  New wave funk glitching into oblivion.

Sunset Neon came about because even though I would tease bits of 80s action as Blue Stahli (Autrey’s previous outfit) with songs like ‘Never Dance Again’, ‘Metrocenter 84, the actual track ‘Sunset Neon’, and my recent remix of Scandroid’s ‘Shout’, I always had to make things fit a bit more with Blue Stahli as a whole, and that restricted some of the areas I’d want to explore within the realm of “everything 80s,” explains Autrey who has dreamt about doing such a project since he started making music. “Klayton from Celldweller/Scandroid/Circle of Dust suggested I create a new project to just go completely nuts and revel in the 80s fluorescence I’ve always wanted to do.”

And so he did. In Sunset Neon, Bret Autrey is realising his true self.

Sunset Neon’s ‘Everything’ is available to buy. Purchase his new album Starlight now.