Ethereal and a gorgeous blend of indie, ‘The Howl Makes No Sound’ features Starover Blue in a dream like atmosphere

Portland based dream pop Starover Blue summit the aura with nostalgic vibes through their latest release. Founding members Kendall and Dirk Sallay-Milotz started their musical career back in 2007. After gaining exposure over the next 12 years, the duo have become inseparable. As the second single from their upcoming LP, the band have set their sights on upcoming western US tour. We would love to see you guys play in the UK sometime soon, too!

The Howl Makes No Sound” involves triggered elements of trip-hop, the unique production soundscapes a mesmerising take on processed samples. Inspired by a dystopian sci-fi feel, the haunting arrangement will play in your head for months to come. Including programmed beats, the analog sound that the track gives off is purely vintage. Analog synths bless the arrangement with an identifiable linger. 

Kendall (Vocals/Guitar) had this to say on the track: Dirk [keys, guitar] and I co-write our music. When he first sent me the opening synth line, I thought it was weird and creepy. After listening several more times and hearing how beautifully the Juno chords laid over it, it hooked me and became one of my favorite tracks to work on.” 

“The day after I heard the demo, I was talking with a friend and the Ginsberg poem ‘Howl’ popped into my headI remembered Dirk had posted it online a few months prior. The imagery mixed eerily well with the music and we added reversed snippets of the poem throughout the track. Writing it, I was envisioning the feeling of bottling heavy or dark feelings, but never letting on to anyone.”

Listen to the aesthetic number exclusively now!