Relatable and comforting, Sophie Rose’s Break Up With Myself showcases the inner critical voice can be harsh but not if you stand up to it!

Young singer-songwriter Sophie Rose has written over 600 songs. Dedicated and passionate to her work, the artist has collaborated with some of the world’s best songwriters and producers. With over 6 million streams across all platforms, the inspirational musician is becoming a household name. Now with her most honest track to date, ‘Break Up With Myself’ unleashes the inner critic while taming the voice in our minds to calm down.

I wrote “Break Up With Myself” about my relationship with myself, but I think the message is something everyone can relate to. Even though I love myself I can be really hard on myself, and sometimes I wish I could walk away from the voice in my head. This song means so much to me and I can’t wait for people to hear it! 

Musically, the song finds itself repeating a contagious chord progression. Sophie’s smooth vocals coats the soundscape like a fine brush of colour. Production wise, it glows in all the right places. Memorable with infectious hooks, there’s subtle Ariana Grande vibes from the track. Sophie’s pure originality showcases her overall songwriting ability. They say to every 10 song you write 1 good one, not in Sophie’s case. 600 songs written and all 600 are fantastic. 

Listen to Break Up With Myself exclusively now!