Spiritual folk-priestess Sophie Morgan is set to release her new single ‘Above You’ this Friday.

First breaking onto the scene aged just 17, Cheshire-born Sophie Morgan has – let’s face it – the voice of an angel; fitting, since it was after a chance encounter whilst singing in church for a friend’s wedding that she met The Verve’s Simon Jones. Alongside her studies at school, Morgan began recording tracks in Jones’ studio alongside Davide Rossi (Goldfrapp, Coldplay, The Verve). It was here she went on to produce her Annie EP released last year.

Flash-forward to 2018 and 21-year-old Sophie returns with a brand new single, following the title track from upcoming EP Sons & Daughters, a beautifully mellow guitar and string-led piece that’s set the bar high for the rest of the EP.

‘Above You’ is perhaps Morgan at her most stripped-back and personal, with her delicate, honeyed vocals floating over a soft guitar refrain, embellished only with sparse piano chords and warm sprinklings of strings. It’s an enchanting musical arrangement that serves to accentuate everything that’s great about Morgan’s music; it’s raw, real and wholly emotional, revolving around having someone or something to watch over and protect you.

“I think this song was one of those songs that weren’t necessarily written, they were just always there waiting to be uncovered. I’d just had my 21st birthday and it was a reflective time.” 

This spirit of discovery is one that is reflected in all of Morgan’s art, be it her music or accompanying videos. There’s always this sense of introspection and reflection that encompasses a spellbinding sense of wanderlust and wonder; and her forthcoming EP Sons & Daughters out 21st September is yet again set to encapsulate that perfectly.