‘Turn on the Radio’ and listen to Smokin’ on Planes’ new track

Residing in Washington, D.C, Smokin’ on Planes bring a thundering performance to every studio recording and live show. Latest tracks in their discography feature songs that are orientated about current divisions. Filled with resilience, the band never give up anything without a good fight. The most pioneering rock sub genre at the moment has to be indie, but hearing alt rock just relights the flame in anyone’s heart. 

Beginning with remembrance to the days of Placebo’s self titled album, just minus the Brian Molko vocals. Both trios share a strong comparison of excellent songwriting. Smokin’ on Planes deliver a genuine talent through their new song ‘Turn on the Radio.” There’s no over produced sounds. It’s all just real and human, making the piece a whole lot more unique. Songwriter of the band, Nick Galasso had this to say on the track; “This song is about being a teenager in the 90s. I lived on making mixed tapes for friends; especially girls I liked. I wanted to capture the image of a girlfriend dancing to a tape I made her in her bedroom on a school night.”

Day early exclusive of the track below.