Irish folk-pop musician Karen Sheridan aka. Slow Skies releases the joyously bittersweet but poignantly nostalgic visuals for ‘Dancing.’

Dublin’s Slow Skies, the solo project of singer-songwriter Karen Sheridan, has today shared the visuals for her poignant folk release ‘Dancing.’ Sheridan’s music always carries with it a deep sense of emotional connection and understanding, layered with mellow acoustics and haunting lyricism that stays with you long after your first listen, and this beautiful release is certainly no different.

The brilliantly bittersweet tune was released early last year, showcasing the brooding subtlety of her bewitching acoustics, blending feelings of warm nostalgia through the driving melody of guitar and brass, with an ethereally pervasive sense of melancholy behind the twinkling of the piano notes. This dichotomy of nostalgia tinged with a certain sadness is one that is often associated with growing old, and looking back upon the past with memories both happy and sad.

Here, the visuals express this duality, opening with a poignant scene of an old man reaching out to a woman with her back turned, presumably representing his wife who is no longer with him. As the video progresses, we see the old man joyously dancing and skipping through town, a juxtaposition that reveals, despite all that has happened in this man’s life, he can still find the time to be happy. The video is shot in reverse, adding a dreamlike quality to the visuals, and it serves to almost visually replicate the idea of recalling memories.

With the visuals for ‘Dancing’, Slow Skies “wanted to create a different narrative for ageing and show the happiness that time can bring. I wanted to show that when you look back on a life lived, even when old and maybe even alone, your soul can surely be young and joyous after a lifetime of being you.”