Shore Drive collaborate with Stella in the Clouds showcasing the reflective state-of-mind after a break up in “Chaser”

NYC based alternative-indie rock band Shore Drive strip down to their roots in new single “Chaser”. Featuring French singer, songwriter and multi instrumentalist Stella in the Clouds, the two voices compliment each other while they showcase both perspectives of a break up. Proving Shore Drive’s versatility, the band range from acoustic ballads such as this one to distorted, stadium rock anthems. Hearing a song as pure as “Chaser” in today’s digital age is nostalgic and vulnerable. Let’s find out more about this beautiful creation…

Feelings come and go but life always moves on… states the songwriters.

“Chase me down with a chaser” plays the main memorable lyric that can haunt you with it’s pure honesty. Lyrically, the track tells the story of how you can learn a lot about yourself after a break up. Struggling to get out of your comfort zone, find your feet and brush yourself off. The calming nature of the song proves that within the darkness of a break up, you can find love again, and that needs to start from you first. Spacious and essences of Elliott Smith within the male vocals, Stella in the Clouds’ vocal range situates with the angels. A collaboration that we’d love to hear more from in the future!