Starting a new adventure, Shima Banana sticks to her inspirations within ‘Enemies’

Japanese-American singer Tina Johnson aka Shima Banana produces and engineers as part of her ‘multi instrumentalist’ role. Back in high school, she lived in Japan and was signed to AVEX (major label) as a J-pop singer. Realising that it wasn’t for her, she quit to pursue her own style. Now a graduate, Shima is embarking on her own journey as a solo artist and the future definitely looks bright for this one. Glistening the atmosphere with her synth-pop number ‘Enemies’, the rhythmical pattern on this track makes you sway to it’s infectious beat.

Tina told us: “I struggled with this track at first. Every time I worked on it, it turned into a different song. It was going nowhere and I almost threw it away until I randomly threw in some funk guitar chords (using Native Instrument’s Scarbee Funk Guitarist) to see what would happen, and it fit so perfectly that suddenly, everything just started working. That library saved my track. Even the lyrics came instantly afterwords, but that’s probably because it’s based on real experiences and it turns out a lot of words rhyme with “Enemies” 

Showcasing Tina’s talent, the contagious track is one that you won’t want to stop listening too. Telling a story not only with her voice but with the grit filled instrumentation, it’s killer aesthetic produces the track to be a strong debut. Looking to be a brightly coloured career for the songwriter, it’s great to hear she’s found her place.