Be part of the cool gang with Shahrae’s fiery new single “Outsider’

Adelaide based songwriter Shah-Rae Weaver is an angel sent from heaven above. Going under the stage name of Shahrae, she brings female empowerment to the screens and our ears. After the success of her two previous singles, she’s back with the smooth nature of “Outsider”. With a successful career with her YouTube channel and street performing, Shahrae channels her inner electro pop goddess. Hearing influences from FKA Twigs and Billie Eilish, “Outsider” is Shahrae’s best track yet.

“Outsider is about an experience I had at a party. Not feeling like I belong, seeing everyone having a great time and just not being a part of it. Looking back now, I find it’s okay to be an outsider. It’s a part of who I am and being yourself should be celebrated”.

In it’s own right, the track is alternative and makes you feel comfort within the sad darkness. As Shah-Rae said above, it’s okay to be an outsider. Sitting back and watching the world go back can be equally as good as being up the front. As for the track, it holds a colourful production and even uses elements of old school dubstep. Coated with a melancholic nature, the pop arrangement makes the track feel a lot more safe within it’s boundaries. Another chart hit from the songwriter.