Seeva’s ‘DripDrip’ is a chart smash waiting to happen

Seamlessly melding contemporary pop with an undercurrent of R&B, Seeva is creating a brand of feel-good music that is perfectly poised to make a few waves. Splitting his time between London and Brighton, the singer-songwriter is channelling the synth pop sounds of Years and Years, left-field sentimentalities of Saro and the dextrously falsetto vocal of one Zayn for a sound that feels fresh yet familiar.

Exploring an addiction to love and the darker side of romantic attachment with subtly bubbling beats, lushly warm synths and playful melodies, ‘Drip Drip’ is the sound of an artist that knows who he is as well as exactly where he wants to be.

‘DripDrip is about the darker side of a romantic attachment. I wrote it at a difficult time in a relationship where I confused love for infatuation, but I wanted it to be powerful and upbeat. Love can be fun and sad at the same time and this song was me expressing that.’

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