Electro-pop artist Sarah Brown creates a pure soul essence with a fresh face in ‘Fool For Love’

Cardiff based Sarah Brown draws a captivating range of influences from queens such as Etta James, Aretha Franklin and Christina Aguilera. Creating her own style in this day and age, the blues songwriter captures her most soulful performance yet in the latest single ‘Fool For Love’. Delivering a strong vocal but still having a sense of vulnerability within it, the number is simply human and raw. Filled with honesty and a dose of purity, this is Sarah in her truest form.

Sarah told us: “I wrote Fool For Love after watching an episode of Buffy The Vampire Slayer. The episode centres on the character Spike, who’s a bit of a bad ass. He tells the story of what he was like before he was a vampire, he was kind of broken and it occurred to me that we all put on a front sometimes and hide who we really are. I was going through a difficult time with a guy at the time and this song kind of wrote itself.”

Armed with a killer chord progression, the track twists and turns unexpectedly which is very rare in today’s music industry. Coated in it’s own originality and the sense of having it’s own ‘sound’, it’s like soul’s been reborn in an electronic pop way. Sarah knows what she’s after and knows exactly what suits her style. Grabbing you in with it’s true desire, the songs true meaning feels real and ever so relatable. We can relate to Spike completely, just not the ‘vampire’ part of things.