Glistening with pure jungle vibes, Salute the Sun are grooving their way into our hearts with new number “All To You”

Bristol based quartet Salute the Sun return with the glowing “All To You”. A number that finds it way through the ever-changing seasons, the soul passion in the track feels right at home in the band’s repetoire. Receiving support from BBC introducing, it’s no wonder the band are destined for a stadium. With a collection of funk style numbers, the energy from their studio work is exceptional. Creating that presence live too, is there anything this band can’t do?

‘Singer-songwriter Rob Aros‘s soulful vocals are paired with bubbling basslines and warped synth patterns.  This gives the track a luminescent, discotheque vibe. 
“This track was an unexpected delight for us as a band. We’d been tinkering with the demo for over a year, and having just moved in to a house together we finally decided to just get it finished” guitarist Matt Townsend explains. 

Grooving with it’s infectious chorus hook, the close production adds a Tom Misch vibe to the aura. As for the guitar licks, it’s like Nile Rodgers jamming with Stevie Ray Vaughan. Filled with an exhilarating atmosphere, it’s the track that you didn’t think you needed until now. If this band aren’t playing as part of Hyde Park’s summer shows next year… we riot!

Listen to the juicy good number exclusively below.