We have a real special one for you today! We have the incredible pleasure of premiering ‘Rollercoaster’ the new track to come from Rylands Heath. We chatted with them, too, on said new track, the Luton music scene, influences and what’s next. Come and join us in falling in love with Rylands Heath.

Like so many acts today, Rylands Heath are pushing the boundaries between genres, starting with indie pop fundamentals, but then diving into a few other pools, bringing in touches of rock, punk, synth pop and well, we’re sure you’ll hear a few others along the way.

“I wouldn’t say we have a definite sound yet, we are just enjoying the process at the moment,” they tell us, explaining that by the end of the year they hope to be able to release a cohesive EP.

Their new track ‘Rollercoaster’ centres itself around a relationship where one person is a real risk taker, while their partner is a lot more reserved and is always trying to keep up. “’Rollercoaster’ gets at the turbulence within a relationship like that and I think the gambling imagery sums up that thrill seeker attitude.” Jack tells us adding: “We’re enjoying trying to find that balance between big pop and indie rock.”

Based in Luton, Jack and James are currently witnessing the music scene’s revival there “The Bear Club has done wonders for music in general, putting on world class Jazz and Blues acts every weekend” they reveal. “Musicians like us and our mates Timeless Lizards and Liam Rowlands are all up and coming locally right now and we’re trying to make something of it” adding that their friend Connor Willis manages Edge Nightclub whilst simultaneously running ‘Insight’, a gig promotions company, who’s booking at Edge and also at Bedford’s well-known Esquires. “We’re so excited to see what we can all do and really put Luton on the map for new music”, they tell us, making it crystal clear that they’re passionate about their town and reviving the music scene there.

In terms of inspirations, they are happy to state that what their parents listened to has played a huge part “we’re both influenced by the likes of Queen and ELO and that reflects in our love for massive harmonies in our tracks” they explain. In terms of current influences, Mike Posner’s name pops up “as a songwriter, performer and all round artist, he’s really inspired us over the last year or so and James had the pleasure of working on one of his gigs last year and got a little bit star struck meeting him” Jack laughs. “I think through the realisation of just how much he’s done musically. A true inspiration!” The lads also mention The Wombats and Saint Raymond claiming that if you mash the two together the result would be pretty Rylands Heath-Esq.

The lads have got two more tracks to release over the Summer called ‘Into The Night’ and ‘Skins’, an impressively large amount of live dates in London, Brighton and Luton, one of which is with Scruff of the Neck. So there’s plenty of things Rylands Heath to get yourselves into! So, what are you waiting for?