Leaving her mark on the world, Rowlette returns with “Footprints on the Moon”

Irish indie-pop artist Rowlette is back. Here with her second single, a bright glow reflects throughout the latest single “Footprints on the Moon”. A lover of all things lunar, she’s sharing the track in association of the Apollo 11 Mission, which has achieved it’s 50th anniversary. Showcasing achievements through the number, Rowlette is proving that she’s an artist with her own success too. Vibrant but lingering around a dark arrangement, the motivational track is one to send you into outer space.

“When you think about everything we as humans have achieved, it’s incredible. The song is about understanding nothing is impossible, so we should just go ahead and do whatever it is we want to – or at least try! We set the bar for ourselves, so may as well set it high!”

Laughing about how this could be her last ‘moon’ song, the second single has an ability to bring an audience together with it’s warm production. Despite having an acoustic feel, the indie pop track has an infectious arrangement that’s coated with a spacious ambience. Featuring a pulsating rhythm and luscious harmonies, the songstress better strap herself in, because she’s heading straight for the stars!