7th June marks the return of ROE, but at Born Music we get to hear “Girls”exclusively now!

At the bright young age of 20, ROE is a multi instrumentalist from Derry in Ireland. Bringing her own inspirational flair to electronic pop, she describes her genre as “grumpy electro-pop”. Creating a fanbase and blazing her way to the top, she’s a new influence for girls all around the world. Back with her second single of the year, “Girls” glows with it’s knowledge of holding a beat securely down.

Short but sweet, the 2:44 track gets to the point quickly and leaves you wanting more. Glistening vocals create the songs imperfect ambience. Subjectively, it’s about not being perfect and noticing your imperfections are actually your ‘perfections’ as such. That’s the vibe it brings to the table and it sure does make the number a lot more human. It may be electronic based, but there’s something very folk about ROE’s vocals, perhaps it’s the way of telling a wondrous story. 

ROE mentioned: “There is so much pressure to be perfect these days, especially in a world controlled by social media. We look at stunning models with gorgeous hair and makeup that seem to be having the time of their lives every day, when for most of us this isn’t a reality. Girls is about changing the goalposts on social expectations and accepting yourself for who you are no matter what flawless content you see online. We are all individuals, we are all perfect and we owe it to ourselves to own that.”

Listen to “Girls” below.