Delve into ‘You’re Like A Song’ as Richard Walters puts his spin on folk with the experimental spirit of the modernist vanguard

Richard Walters has released four critically acclaimed albums and four EP’s since 2007, gaining features on a number of TV shows including Grey’s Anatomy, CSI: Miami, Bones, Criminal Minds and Tin Star. As a songwriter and collaborator Richard has worked with a number of artists, writers and producers including Joe Henry, Dan Wilson, FOURS, Declan J. Donovan, Jenny Owen Youngs, Alison Moyet, Gabrielle Aplin, Jerry Williams and Grace Lightman.

Gently and deftly attacking the ethos of songwriting, Richard Walters explores the fences that define the boundaries of folk in attempt to find his own gate. Whilst pushing forward with the concept of utilising electronica for an undulating pop sound as opposed to flapping fingers between dead strings on a battered acoustic guitar, he captures the quintessence of music that holds substance with real scrutiny.

‘You’re Like A Song’ employs glistening sparkles of colour to provide a cascading backdrop of purely mellifluous overtones, complimenting the surges of occasional low hums of beats, all culminating to a huge kahuna of emotion. The track was written about the memories Richard has of certain people, as he explains:

“I wrote this track with a friend called Ralegh Long, who I’m a huge fan of, and it just fell into my live set instantly. Jerome (Message to Bears) and I have been threatening to work on something together since we met 8 years ago, so this was the first of a collection of tracks he produced. I know some people associate faces with colours or places, but for me the important people in my life have always had a particular song attached to them, something I almost sing each time I see them or think of them…that’s kind of what I wanted to explore with this song, that weird way some people just push a melody or lyric right to the front of your mind…”