Revolvers have us at their mercy in ‘Rubbing Shoulders With The Devil’.

Captivating us from day one, it’s safe to say Revolvers are one of the best bands to be coming out of London right now. And if you haven’t heard their music, you need to. Working relentlessly to release groundbreaking tracks the quartet are set to unveil their most flawless track to date in ‘Rubbing Shoulders With The Devil’.

“The song is about temptation and desire. More specifically about moments in life where you question what is right and what is wrong. And for the video, it kind of showcases the return of the devil to earth with metaphors all over the place and many references to horror films. Kubrick was a big influence on the music video especially his film The Shining. There are lots of hidden themes and messages there to be discovered.”

Hook-filled and unapologetically exploding with an unforgettable guitar solo, ‘Rubbing Shoulders With The Devil’ showcases the bands unique niché and star-qualified ability to compose chart-topping tracks like no other. It’s clear that Revolvers have set their standards exactly where they want them and it’s that type of quality that will draw your heart and soul in from day one and beyond. Dripping in cinematic gold, or should we say red, after all this is the devil we’re talking about! Revolvers share their newest release two days early including the soul-selling inspired video below.