Some of the best pop music was made in the 80s, right? Fast-forward to 2017 and it’s safe to say that it’s having a bit of a resurgence, both within the indie spectrum and the mainstream. There is an entire generation raised on the back of the 80s, when pop wasn’t afraid to be feel-good or “cheesy” and the indie was more inventive than landfill, before the glam pomp and stomp was erased by Girl Power and Britpop.

Whilst not thinking music of that era is necessarily better, London’sĀ REAL FEARSĀ definitely have an appreciation for that time. “I think there are some fantastic pop records out currently; I guess pop music was more developing and creating ideas in the 80’s that haven’t been used before, now its about making your own sound with an already saturated method of writing, recording and delivering a record,” state the currently mysterious band. “With so much at our disposal to create a track, the blueprints have all been done, its about what set you apart.”

With electro-pop being such a saturated spectrum currently, Real Fear’s debut single ‘You’ surpasses many contenders. The rose-tinted familiarity of a bygone era dunks listeners headfirst in nostalgia – with its 808 beats and swelling synths – whilst it’s anthemic, festival ready chorus keeps the formalities fresh. “I think its nice to have tinges of different eras, and create depth with future synth sounds as well. Take our verse for instance, which contrasts quite a lot with the mid sections piano part. Some of our influences are from modern bands, some from even older (60’s to 70’s) but there is no denying that an 80’s touch currently makes a difference to so many pop and indie tracks!”

Those aforementioned influences include a smorgasbord of seminal bands and artists such as The Police, Led Zeppelin and Queen to the unabashed pop of Duran Duran, Depeche Mode, Michael Jackson and Madonna – to name a few. Yet Real Fears also generously talk about artists of the moment who they regard with high esteem, from the ever-changing sounds of Phoenix and The Naked and Famous to the takeover of Haim and their lesser known (by comparison!) contemporaries Muna and Say Lou Lou.

Something all of these bands have in common is a penchant for full-throttle love and the impending heartache, dissecting their diaries for the world to speculate over, and for Real Fears, it is not so different. “For us, the song “You” is about a breakdown in a relationship and moving heaven and earth to repair it,” state the band. “And that regardless compromise will be met, as they cant live without each other.”

Real Fear’s debut single ‘You’ is available on Soundcloud now.