Please welcome Post-Party with their debut single “Love You Everyday”. It’s the type of song that will repeatedly be on your playlist for weeks to come!

Indie pop four piece Post-Party are based in Dublin. Formed late 2018, the quartet have been building up a fanbase at live gigs in venues all across Ireland. Drawing influences from indie legends such as The Vaccines and Circa Waves, they gel a rich guitar pop aura with soothing vocals. Here with their debut single “Love You Everyday”, it looks like it could well be “Beatles Mania” again, but this time… “Post-Party Mania!”

“Well, ‘Love You Everyday’ was the first song that myself and Keelan completed together. He had had a majority of it written for a good while and when we started hanging out when we met in September 2017, we both knew we had something special. He introduced me to Peter and Colin who he’d worked with for years in a previous band and we focused on making the song a banger. That’s our focus with every song we write really, just making sure they’re fun and enjoyable for everyone. We want Post-Party to be about togetherness and fun and massive tunes.”

Keeping it definitely categorised with the indie pop category, there’s definitely a more versatile approach to this indie number. Making it unlike any other indie track out there at the moment, it’s filled with all the ingredients of a indie rock fused with a pop production that you could want. For a debut single, if their other discography is going to be anything like this, this could be a life-changing career for the band. 

Listen to the uplifting, indie banger now!