Orlando Mendiola Photography

Indie pop goddess PETRA returns with the powerful “Dancing Without You”

Fusing an upbeat instrumentation, PETRA’s latest single “Dancing Without You” is coated with all the nutrients for an indie-pop hit. Complimenting her vocal range, the fast paced melodies and catchy riffs give the song a whole new light. Written in the aftermath of her father’s passing, the writing process of this song gave PETRA the energy she needed to get back on her feet again. Taken off her upcoming debut album, the single is set for release worldwide tomorrow. 

Petra told us; Dancing Without You is a song I hold close to my heart; I wrote it with my brother, Felix, after we came back from touring in Japan. A few months before, our dad passed away unexpectedly, changing our lives forever. This tour was the first time we began pursuing the things we love again. After my dad died, I didn’t know how I could dream of pursuing music without his support and guidance. I felt so lost, alone and afraid. However, I wanted to find a way to honor my dad’s legacy; I knew he wanted me to pursue my music because he knew how much I loved it. So, I found a way to find my voice and dance again, and this song helped me power through some of the darkest days.”

As an arrangement, it blends a pop structure with an indie rock sound. Lyrically, it holds a relatable cloud over anyone’s head. With the true feeling of what it feels like to lose someone or something in a tragic moment, the whole song feels like a sort of comfort within the darkness. Keeping the sense of vulnerability and closure, if the album is anything like this beautiful number, it’s going to be absolutely fantastic. 

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