Peachcurls’ “Perfume” features a vibrant, colourful production. You can smell the sweet neo-soul fragrance from here!

Peachcurls is a singer-songwriter from Cleveland, Ohio. Drawing you in with a soft combination of neo soul and R&B, the diverse sound demands that you listen. Blessing our ears with the latest tune, “Perfume” showcases a sweet fragrance that will leave you wanting more. Sultry and a perfect summer hit, there’s tonnes of charisma that lies underneath it’s bones. Meaningful, the vocal performance in this number has ounces of power and the harmonies that coat round are simply soothing. 

“Perfume is a coming-of-age anthem. I’m singing from 3 different points of view that I’ve had throughout my life; an overworked negligent lover who’s feelings of inadequacy control their part of the relationship, a mischievous son who’s childhood is mitigated by the issues of the adults raising him, and a fully actualised man reminding himself how to stay balanced and clear. The “Perfume” can be interpreted as the hard yet formative lessons that I continue to carry with me” states Peachcurls.

Neo-soul is at it’s most prominent in today’s day and age. Flavouring his own originality and showcasing his influences, you can hear Anderson .Paak, D’Angelo and Daniel Caesar in Peachcurls’ spectrum. Colouring the soundscape with a fine brush, each instrument is as important as the next. Making a crucial statement throughout the number, you will simply end up singing along to this song wherever you like it or not. Memorable and delivering one of the best vocal performances of the year, the contemporary R&B track is Peachcurls’ up, close and personal.