Infusing indie pop with funk, Palco’s latest number “Taking Your Time On Me” is the summer feel good track we all needed

Returning with her second single of the year, Palco’s a Los Angeles based solo artist. Generating a mixture of soul with indie-pop, the songwriter has been brought up with a very versatile music taste. Growing up on the border of Texas and Louisiana, she found genres such as folk, bluegrass, country and gospel to add to her warm influence. Back with a minimalistic approach, “Taking Your Time On Me” is a breath of fresh air that felt needed in today’s age. 

“Taking Your Time On Me inhabits a minimalistic, indie-funk space with intentionally light, airy vocals. TreesandLucy produced the track and is known for funky, relaxed beats and this was a beat I selected and played with. The song is about an unexpected connection and chemistry with someone who dangles the idea of intimacy with her, but never fully delivers. She is essentially playing out fantasies of what could be with someone rather atypical in a painfully slow pursuit of love and sex.”

There’s layers of sass within the number that makes you fall head over heels for Palco. Easy listening and fused with a simple arrangement, the fun loving number is one to captivate you from the start to the finish. Left wanting more, this is the type of track you’d be playing while driving down a coast with the sun blaring on your skin. Sounds good, right?

Listen to the track exclusively a day ahead of it’s release.