Here with his second single, Otto Zilch is looking to have a very promising career ahead

You’d probably consider Otto Zilch’s music indie, but is it really? With his influences being from eccentric artists such as Tom Waits and Elvis Costello, the new single is definitely more experimental than you think it’ll be. It’s the kind of track that you shouldn’t judge from it’s cover. Bringing you up to speed, Otto is a fairly new artist who is looking to having an incredible career ahead with his remarkable songwriting. 

With a progressive early David Bowie esque vibes, the new single “Data Mine” is a comfort shelter that we can relate too. Buried under the anxious production lies a pure honesty. In the bones of the track there’s a pop arrangement screaming out for attention. An astonishing single that’s a big ‘middle finger up’ to chart music. It’s amazing to hear an artist in his own heaven. 

Otto mentioned…

“’Data Mine’ explores the drudgery of life on a corporate nine-to-five. For the past few years, I’ve held a day job as a data researcher. Contracted for some of the world’s leading tech giants… These are offices that, by design, are so agreeable, so optimistic and utopian, it’s almost intoxicating.

Personally, I felt that I didn’t really belong there. It was as if I was carrying this blasphemous secret of skepticism with me into the tabernacle of big data every day. One Wednesday evening, I returned home from work feeling mentally fatigued, and I put this awkward beat on a loop. I lulled myself into a kind of repetitive mediation, and eventually found this tune came spilling out.