Okay Mann saddles sentiment with his spiffing country inspired dinner party anthem


Written about “the dumb things you do when blinded by infatuation”, Canadian Katlin Mathison aka Okay Mann delivers an arresting folk fuelled wonder, perfect for those blossoming relationships at late night dinner parties. A skillful conglomerate of strings, the track imposes a warm, summery feel whilst expertly exploiting the internal factory of emotion. Much like a relationship, ‘In The End’ has to end at some point, and does so with a brilliant come down in the form of ‘i’; a separate song beautifully blended to see the record disembark on its journey home.

On the track, Katlin says: “This song got started as a fun little jam Nils (the co-producer of the EP) and I used to play while studying in university… I think we were listening to a lot of Daniel Nordgren at the time. It’s about the dumb things you do when blinded by infatuation. We didn’t brush the dust off and finish it until the Little Mersey sessions about 2 or 3  years later.”

In addition to this, he gave us an insight specifically on ‘i’, mentioning “the piano bit at the end is really a separate piece of music call ‘i’, which is is part of a recurring theme on the EP. The ‘i’ in the title is part of a complete phrase “Alt i Mellom”, or “everything in between” in Norwegian. We recorded it late at night by rolling a piano into in a mirrored dance studio late at night, and layering the progression without a monitor or a metronome, so my timing was a little loose.”