Behold! The return of OAKLND. He’s back with heart wrenching single “Hurts Like Hell” and it’s truly breathtaking. 

Based in Scotland, OAKLND has a soft American twang to it’s timbre. Back with “Hurts Like Hell”, first release since May 2018, and it’s everything we’ve been waiting for. Bathed in the sentimentality that the 1975 portray, OAKLND really takes a personal journey and makes it a killer track. Previous singles have highlighted indie esque loyalty, but the new track feels so much more that.

Mellow but not ‘fall asleep’ kind of mellow, it’s still the kind of track that will make your body sway to the rhythm. You can feel the tears of heartbreak rolling down OAKLND’s face. Breathing in the love fumes, the song takes us through a journey of falling hard in love with someone but realising, is it really love? There’s a subtle chill wave texture to the mix, but it’s the prominent lyrics that stick out the most.

Ready to drop worldwide tomorrow, brace yourselves for impact, OAKLND is here to say;

“The track itself is pretty different to anything I’ve put out before, feels kinda like a new era or a new direction. Before, some of my tracks had been called yacht-pop but this is maybe more breakup pop. It was produced by Chad Male from the band Cape Cub. All my other tracks were produced by the same person and this was the first time I’d tried something different. It was really cool to get a different angle on the production. I’m also a huge fan of Cape Cub so it was sweet to have Chad work on it. It was all recorded in my back room and we kinda just bounced it back and forward via email for a few weeks until we were happy with it, he was amazing.”