Ignite the spark in your life with Nuns of the Tundra’s latest hit single “Baby’s Got a Box of Matches”

A big part of Worcester’s music scene, the alt rock quartet Nuns of the Tundra blend a fistful of aggression mixed with a pop structure. Their career has featured support from the BBC and a wide range of gig’s along the way. Hearing this band get the recognition that they deserve is no surprise and we’ve been hooked on them since the beginning. Drawing a big part of their sound from the stoner rock riffs of Queens of the Stone Age, but their pop elements are like the hazy grooves of Tame Impala. “Baby’s Got a Box of Matches” will drive you wild with it’s fierce attitude.

Filled with all the nutrients of a hit, Nuns better brace themselves for impact because this track is heading straight for the stars. Suited and booted, it lingers with mysterious guitar tones, a fuzzed bass line, a hard hitting drum impact and a wonderfully created vocal melody. This will be played on BBC Radio 1’s Rock Show in no time.

“Big riffs & fuzzed out guitars combined with sexy grooves, Baby’s Got a Box of Matches is our take on today’s dopamine hit culture versus the rose tinted glasses of the past. It’s the story of a failing nuclear family, clinging to outdated values. Recorded with Alex Loring (Fang Club, Big Spring) using a towel & sponge covered drum kit, & rare beatup amps through boutique guitar pedals to make a unique, authentic, rock’n’roll sound. Designed to be cranked loud, the Nuns hope you enjoy Matches !”

Listen to the track exclusively below.