Feeling confident in her own “Skin”, Nordi Blu’s debut’s her first single

After years of finding herself in this large world, the free spirit that is Nordi Blu is here with her debut single “Skin”. Receiving recognition all across the world, Blu got to the quarter-finals of Germany’s version of The Voice in 2017. Finding her own originality, the singer songwriter is set to release her debut album, produced by Alex Sprave, this year. While her musical influences sit in the rock category of legends such as Jack White and the Arctic Monkeys, Nordi’s soulful tone fuses a wide spectrum of genres.

“Nordi Blu’s first single is a fiery and gritty tale of hard work, rolling up your sleeves and getting through the intricacies of the music industry as an independent artist.”

Fusing the pop culture with an indie rock atmosphere, the arrangement is fierce to say the least. Filled with attitude in all the right places, the guitar solo towards the end of the song is a complete face melter. Modulated vocals towards the end are also a huge part of the song’s core. A fabulous debut single from an artist who will grab your attention from the get go.