Inject some soul into your life with the exclusive premiere of Nicolai’s new track ‘Like a Leaf’

You can be forgiven if when listening to this track you recognize the soulful croonings of Nicolai, as he fronted the garage-y 60s and 70s influenced soul-rock band Bazooka Boppers.

Now, after spending the last few years he’s matured as an artist, going deeper towards his more soulful, funky roots. Enveloping himself in his songwriting and perfecting his vocals, Nicolai soon recorded the blissful ‘Like a Leaf’ (listen below).



The aim with ‘Like a Leaf’, was to make a fun, fast and catchy song about falling deeply for someone. Speaking of the track, Nicolai has said that “If the song was an element, it would be air, It would be fast, and it would just blow straight through you.” 

Inspired both musically and spiritually by Prince, Nicolai is proud to wear that influence on his sleeve.