Neverlander is back with in your face electronic single “How Rude”

London based Multi Instrumentalist, Neverlander (AKA Sam Hammond) is back with his third single ‘How Rude.’ Identifying a care-free nature within this track, the electronic songwriter takes influence from artists such as Gary Numan, Nine Inch Nails and Kanye West. Currently working on a number of releases throughout this year, all of us at Born Music can’t wait for more. Let’s take an exclusive behind the scenes look at the new single.

Big arrangement coats the minimalist ‘pop’ arrangement that lurks in the background. Taking an experimental approach to a simple track, the quality of the production really is something else. Featuring Matt Bellamy/Jack White like guitar tones which was a nice surprise in the mix of electronica. ‘How Rude’ is more of a theatrical performance that’s trying to push love out of the system. Sam quotes, “How Rude is an anti-love song. It’s about being consumed by an addiction to somebody, even though you know that they’re harmful to you. It’s about the confusion, intense desire, excitement, horror and unease that comes with that kind of situation.” Well there we have it. Anti-love songs are rare, but they need to be told. A wonderfully crafted story blessed with a fantastic arrangement.

Listen exclusively below.