Yan Yugay Photography

Ever wondered what the love child of The Killers and James Brown would sound like? Look no further.

NEEDSHES are an independent alternative rock band from Tashkent, Uzbekistan. With already a fantastic back catalogue of musical goodness, theyre back with brand new single “U Babe”, taken off their forthcoming album “Truth Power”, out May 3rd. Needless to say, the band don’t follow any old rule book. Infusing R&B, Alt Rock and Hip Hop, “U Babe” takes us through a journey of different era’s. Best get your seatbelt on, it’s a rollercoaster track… one that will be on continual repeat. 

Drawing influences from David Bowie, James Brown and Jack White, you can completely hear every single one of them mashed up together to create NEEDSHES sound. It’s possible, trust me. Listen below and you’ll understand. Gelling a hip hop groove flavour, lead singer Otabek Salamov (Beck) said “I just wanted to make something you can touch and feel nostalgia.” With a constant theme throughout the track, it’s been said that the upcoming album will feature a big chunk of ‘obvious truth awareness.’ In regard to “U Babe”, Beck mentioned “the song addresses the truth as the character is eager for knowledge.” Hidden with glorious metaphors that will pick at your brain, the easy to follow lyrics are made bold with the colourful instrumentation. 

Tune in below for the astonishing track.