NEEDSHES return with love hearted eyes in new single “My Heart”

Out August 9th, “My Heart” is set to sail in your life with it’s glamorous indie rock’n’roll aura. Soaring through the night sky with love hearted eyes, NEEDSHES sound just keeps on progressing. With influences far and wide, the polished single is being shot into your life via cupid’s bow. Telling the story of a young man obsessing over his mistress, the vulnerability of the number shakes the arrangement with great fierce. Relatable and humble, the track features an anthemic sound. 

“When I was in the sixth grade our old English teacher got sick. And the school sent us a final year female student to replace her. I was a kid compared to her, a full woman. She became the heroine of my fantasies for a long time. I couldn’t even hint to her how I feel, so all I could do was stare at her while she was writing something on the blackboard. And when I later saw the movie, Malena, it made me remember when I was that boy” said lead vocalist Otabek.

Alternative rock straight to the point, My Heart is the first single since the band’s “Truth Power” album. Melodically wonderful and featuring an exotic flavouring of a killer production, what’s not to like? Stream the latest track below exclusively. 

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