Natalie is back with a track that’s filled with production goodness. This is “Amanda Bynes”… no, seriously.

Latest release since Natalie’s EP “Succubus” is the empowering “Amanda Bynes”. No really, that’s it’s title. That’s good marketing already, it’s grabbed us in straight away with it’s original title. Reaching over 500,000 streams on Spotify, it’s safe to say its been a fantastic journey for Natalie so far with generating those streams within the past year. Dropping tomorrow, the pop pumped single is enough to make you boogie on down town with your friends.

Something that fits perfectly into the music era we’re in right now. Production in ‘Amanda Bynes’ sounds very Post Malone/Drake vibes and releases our inner attitude. Produced by duo, Slaters, it’s filled with beats that will simply make you drool. Complexed round a simple melody, Natalie’s vocals roll off the tongue with great ease, fusing pop and R&B perfectly. Here’s what Natalie had to say on the song; “Most of the tracks I have put out in the past have been about heartbreak exes and twisted love. They all felt very heavy, so I wanted to make something that a bit more light-hearted and poppy.”

Heavy produced looped drums are triggered quite naturally and fit the arrangement with a clear magnifying glass. The magnifying glass being a metaphor for seeing the clarity within the song. Great song to showcase chart music right now. Listen below to the killer track a day before it’s release.